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Published Works

Nothing Wasted: 
Struggling Well through Difficult Seasons

Difficult seasons catch us off guard and make us feel like life might never be balanced again.


On our worst days, it’s hard to hold onto the truth that God will lead and guide us through the mess. Even on our good days, when we feel we have done all the right things, we find ourselves asking questions like:

Why am I working this job?
Am I making a difference?
How do I know the way to go?
Why can’t I seem to be content?


In Nothing Wasted, we see how answers come in time. Like fog dissipating, we recognize how God is gently leading and guiding through each season of our lives.


Our faith is not unseen. Our moments are not wasted. All the pain that comes with breaking us open does lead to a full, rich life, growing in relationship with God and with others.

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A Cub Among Bears:
How Love and Toughness Raised Me

In A Cub among Bears, Kimberly Patton brings the readers humorous stories of being raised in a family of six rambunctious boys. We see her older brother filming her “murder,” (complete with fake blood.) We watch her cringe as she finds out about the “birds and the bees” from a cassette tape. We hear about a broken arm gone undiagnosed for two weeks, and the reason why she said “Yes” to her college choice.

We travel with her from Michigan to Brazil, and then to Tennessee and back again. We also see her struggle through her faith journey, faltering at times but never giving up. As she gets older, the cocooned atmosphere of a loving family unravels, and she is thrust out toward the adventures that await her.

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Journey to Motherhood

This book is a collaboration with five other amazingly strong and brave women. We each talk about how our various paths to motherhood were treacherous, heartbreaking, and challenging; but worth it. Stories cover everything from miscarriage and pregnancy loss, foster care, adoption, infertility and more. 


Too Small to Understand Why

By Kevin Patton 

Published 2019

Preface by Kim Patton 


Chicken Soup for the Soul

Multiple Contributors

Published 2019

Chicken soup for the soul.jpg

How God Opened My Heart to Adoption

Flower in Sunlight

By Jim Steele

Published 2021

Foreword by Kim Patton

Jim Steele book.jpg

Streams of Light

Multiple Contributors

Published 2020

Streams of light.webp

Keep Going Magazine

By Nika Maples 

Published 2019

Keep Going magazine.webp

And more to come!


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