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Podcasts and Videos

By Her Shelf

Erica and Kim talk about fiction, non-fiction, reading as a coping mechanism, and reading as a family. 

A Server's Journey

Rocky DeStefano and I talk about infertility and the hope of adoption. 

Sarah's Laughter

From the time she was a twelve-year-old babysitting in Brazil, Kim knew she wanted to be a mom. At 30, she was still waiting. This is her story.

Worth Your Time

Ericka and Kim talk about open adoption, as well as leaving our home church and meeting with a small group in 2020. 

The Encourageous Podcast

Angel Clark and I talk about the details of my doctor visits and infertility journey before adoption. 

Getting Bookish

Interview with 1st time author, Kim Patton

Shawna, Lizz and I talk about my childhood memoir and the self-publishing world of Amazon. 

Addressing the Elephant in the room

Open adoptions with Kim Patton

Coach April Ballestero and I talk about open adoptions and our relationship with our daughter's birthmother. 

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