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About Kim

I spend as many hours outside as I can handle each day. After growing up in the tundra of the north, sweet tea and humidity warm me now. I tote my daughters Eden and Shiloh around in the stroller or by my side. 

Kevin is my husband since 2010 and we have walked through many struggles together. But we cling to our steady friendship, and a thousand mini memories and traditions that only we understand. He is my imperfect perfection. 

I have wrestled with infertility for years, and some days I am brave enough to talk about it. Confronting the deep emotions is my therapy, my coping mechanism. Adoption is the beautiful way God grew our family and I am deeply grateful. 

God’s grace flows freely and I try to notice. I feel His presence and His joy in the nitty-grittiness of this wild, beautiful life that I beat my fist against so often. I crave His peace more than anything because I know He is the source and no one else. 

In my stories, you will hear my heart’s cries and my curious wonderings. You will find something that looks like gratitude amidst pain, and you will feel what it is to be human. In my Book Therapy podcast episodes, you will hear me talk about how good books help us grow and deal with the highs and lows of a full life. 

When you meet me in person, you will see my smile first and hear my boisterous laugh. You will recognize the flapping hands and loud voice of an extrovert. I crave to meet you, hug you, ask what books you are reading, what pain you are carrying, what meaning you are finding in your own wild journey.


Or I might be just a t-shirt and shorts nearby, basking in outdoorsy socialization, my children’s bubbly laughter and the hope of future. 

It's nice to meet you. 

All my best, 

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