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Encouraging Pages: 14 Books that helped me in 2021

Life is hard and 2021 was another crazy year.

It seems like we were all flipping through our lists of coping mechanisms; some healthier than others. My go-to coping mechanisms this year were (dairy-free) ice cream and books. From growing our family with a premature newborn this summer to juggling two under two this fall, my days have been unpredictable and filled with emotions of all shapes and sizes.

Books were hugely important to give me something to do to care for myself and grasp joy with reality while trying to maintain sanity. They help me gain clarity with whatever struggle I am going through by giving me something to focus on when I am losing control.

If I was struggling in my marriage, I found a book that encouraged strong relationships.

If my kids were driving me crazy, I looked for a lighthearted read or a funny mama to boost my spirits.

If I craved God’s presence more, I tracked down a wise yet down-to-earth author to teach me something new from scripture.

So here are 14 books from the year that helped me. I hope you find one or two that you would like to pick up. As always, because I am an Amazon associate, any link purchase helps support this website.

See more books I read this year on my Goodreads profile.

Happy reading!


Books that helped me be a better wife/mom:

Books with amazing stories that helped me slow down and relax:

Books that helped me appreciate humanity and gain empathy for others:

Books that helped me in my faith walk:

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